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Thread: TC40 New Youtube Creator Studio Workaround Ideas

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    TC40 New Youtube Creator Studio Workaround Ideas

    If you livestream with a TC40 you may already know that Youtube is about to kill the Creator Studio Classic that works with the 40. I have yet to come up with a workaround using the new Creator Studio as I believe once it comes online the older browser within 40 will not allow functionality. Has anyone addressed this yet or have any ideas?

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    I don't think I was using the classic version of Creator Studio, but when I clicked on Go Live and entered the URL and Stream Key into Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder I was able to stream. Adobe FMLE is the encoder used by the TriCaster 40.

    You might not be able to use IE to open the site, but you can setup the stream on another computer and type the data into the streaming engine on the TC40 and start streaming.
    Kane Peterson
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