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Thread: Tricaster 40 New Youtube Creator Studio Livestream Workaround Request

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    Tricaster 40 New Youtube Creator Studio Livestream Workaround Request

    I realize that the 40 is EOL. However, maybe there's a work around I havent considered concerning the new Youtube Creator Studio interface. The new Creator Studio will go live by the end of the year (2019). When that happens, dropping to the desktop to create an xml loadable file wont work anymore as there will be no way to access the current controls from within the older browser window that the 40 uses. So.....the question......Can the browser be upgraded within the 40 in order to access youtube, and if not, why....or is there another workaround that someone can suggest.

    I am at the point where I am also looking at external encoders in order for our machines to continue to function. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions that doesnt involve purchasing new Tricasters (as that is just not in the budget and we have several units from which we livestream at different venues). Thank you.

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    Try This,
    Use a different computer.
    Select the 'Stream' option, not the Webcam option on Youtube.
    Copy that info and create a streaming profile on the T-40.
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