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Thread: Colours different on render

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    Colours different on render


    I have just moved to LW 2019 and experincing something that didn't use to happen ...

    I set up my scene and get the colours how I want them in VPR, but when I render, the render window shows the colours shifted. if I output an animation the colours are shifted, but if I render a sequence they are true to the VPR. How do I get my renders to match the view in VPR.

    Thanks, I know this will be something stupid that I have not done.

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    It's down to the colour space chosen. Hit O in Layout and go to the CS tab. From the presets choose sRGB. By default, this will result in your output files saving in sRGB colour space if they are simple PNGs or JPGs, etc., and in linear form if the output is float format for Nuke or Fusion, etc. style compositing.

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