After updating our TriCaster TC-1 last week, the transition cuts off the end of our pre-recorded videos. Default transition is set to CUT for 1:00. Previously we didn't have a problem with the default settings for CUT clipping the end of the videos.

For instance a student wrapping up a video will record, "Reporting for KLHS, this is Brody Bueller." When it's played back though, the TriCaster is clipping the end of the video so that we get "Reporting for KLHS, this Brody Bue."

I have changed the transition time to :08 but that shouldn't be necessary. It wasn't necessary to do that before this update. And that change to the transition duration doesn't seem to be reliable. It feels like it seems to reset to 1:00. The student production team doesn't know the TriCaster well enough to change that setting on their own.