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hm, I read something about Octane support?
if possible, how many machines (nodes) would it support. I seem to recall there was a limitation of some sort from Otoy to this. (10 nodes?)
i could be wrong, a vague memory.

edit; ah... found it > https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/t...arm-for-octane

Also, in terms of render speed, how does Octane compare these days.
(they did add Ai denoise, but it flickers for animation, so wouldn't include that to the equation)
I'm not an octane expert but we are working on setting things up now. In terms of total GPUs? They number in the hundreds that we have available and can bring even more online. It depends on what kind of demand we can expect consistently from the LightWave3D community. Octane isn't cheap to run if no one is using it to the point of "kick over". this is why LightWave3D native rendering is so attractive or should be to more people and productions. The rendering engine is free!
It's certainly a lot less hassle to set up than other engines that's for sure as a result. Build configs... go.