I'm having some fun creating the Stranger Things Upside Down in After Effects and I wanted to add a demogorgon to the scene so I modelled one. Because I know next to nothing about character animation I didn't want to take a base mesh into Zbrush and add details galore and end up with a crazy poly count so I decided to model one completely in LW and I've ended up with a model that is "only" 11,300 polys. I've done my best to keep the topology clean but some of the modelling is horrific (tris galore) - but at least most of these areas are not in joint areas.

I need some advice as to how to go about animating this thing. Is bones or skelegons the best way to go. Having had an hour or so playing around with bones and seeing how they work it seems they will only be in the scene in layout and I'd have to re-create them if I created a new scene, is that correct? I know there is Genoma but I want to actually learn how bones work and I cannot get Genoma to work how I would expect - but I would suspect that is my lack of knowledge more than anything else.

Also how would you go about animating the flower face? Bones or endomorphs? I need them to open violently and "shudder" so to speak. Using bones I've managed to get them to open but they act like the pods in Alien.

The very next job will be the texturing, anyone know a good way to create yukky, slimey human-esque skin?

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