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Thread: SDK/cmd (write) access to Advanced Camera properties?

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    SDK/cmd (write) access to Advanced Camera properties?

    I'm aware of how to use LWCAMERAINFO_GLOBAL APIs to obtain read-only info on camera parameters for (standard) cameras, and of the various camera commands that can be used to set the (again, standard) camera parameters. However, I can't seem to find any programatic (API or command) method that allows writing to the "Advanced Camera" properties' values.

    Is programatic access of Advanced Camera properties (f.e. changing "Ray Start" / "Ray Direction" / "Depth Direction" types to use item/UV settings, assign mesh/UV map/etc. they should use, and so forth) currently doable in a practical manner? If so, how are they accessed?

    I'm asking because I'm attempting to produce an automated front-end UI to Gerardo Strata's "Memory Is Not Enough" technique, in part as a means of storing the technique, before it is lost altogether.

    If not currently possible, consider this a request to add programatic read/write functionality for such properties (for same reason regular cam params are accessible).
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