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Thread: TriCCaster 460 BMD Smart Videohub 12x12 control question

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    TriCCaster 460 BMD Smart Videohub 12x12 control question

    I've been using a TriCaster 455, updated to 460, for over 6 yrs. So stable is this unit that in regards to getting under the hood and troubleshooting, just consider me a newbie.

    So when I decided to add a BMD 12x12 Smart Videohub to increase the effective number of inputs using router control, I hardly know where to start.

    Where can I find a step-by-step procedure to implement this feature?


    TriCaster TCXD460
    Build number: 5-1-181112C

    Hardware version:
    card 0 info
    Driver:1.99 19-Apr-2017
    Core: 433C 6 Feb-2018
    Config: XD450 FPGA in Aria 1
    Link: 4x
    Board: 1.3
    Panel: TriCaster XD450 0.5

    Video Card:
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 440

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    The TriCaster manual covers the setup for this and there is a knowledge base article about it here:

    Basically, you just need to configure the XML file to work with the router you have in place and let it know which outputs of the router are connected to the inputs of the switcher.

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    Does this still work with AE3 on a TC460?
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