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Thread: Tricaster TXCD410 SDI output stopped working?

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    Tricaster TXCD410 SDI output stopped working?

    Hello, everybody! Hope we can find the solution to this problem and thanks for accepting me in forum.

    Yesterday while we were recording a video on of our SDI output stopped working. Tricaster have 4 SDI outputs 3 of them are with direct SDI cable from the camera and one of the cams have HDMI > SDI converter >SDI 1 cable to Tricaster. While we were rolling the video the camera with HDMI > SDI converter stopped streaming to tricaster, the camera kept rolling, but there was black screen on tricaster.
    We changed the SDI cable possition from SDI 1 to the others SDI ports and it had no problems, but SDI 1 does not work either with HDMI >SDI or just SDI > SDI cam. We tried to create a new project still 3 of the cameras were visible, just the camera that was plugged into SDI 1 still black video. We tought its the converter and changed it with another one still no success.
    As far as i know when the problem occured the camera that was plugged into that SDI blacked out for 2 sec and then back to normal streaming for 15-20 minutes and blacked out completely.
    What might be the problem? Could the HDMI > SDI converter did something to the output SDI port on the tricaster or the output to be malfunction?

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    I would try loopback tests by directly connecting the TriCaster outputs and inputs to determine if the ports are all okay with out any additional converters in between. Put a clip in the DDR, put the DDR on program, then use a SDI cable to start testing ports. Do this with a brand new session.

    I find it highly unlikely that a converter would do something, unless moving it across the floor caused a static electricity build up that 'shocked' the video hardware of the TriCaster.
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