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Thread: Mac mouse moves timeline and chages move and rotate.

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    Mac mouse moves timeline and chages move and rotate.

    I don't know quite how to ask this but what happens is that I will be working and suddenly see that instead of being on frame one I am instead on some other frame like 120. I believe my mouse is moving the timeline position using the scroll function of the oversensitive mouse. I can't find how to disable this. What I want is to only move the timeline position when I drag and click to a different position in the timeline or type F and choose what keyframe I want to work on. I am constantly making changes then looking down and finding my keframe is being created in wildly different places then where it was when I started typing. I would also like to disable whatever causes the cycle through from say the move position input to rotate to scale to whatever. If I want change those inputs I will choose them I do not want to scroll or cycle from one to the next using the mouse.

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    If you go to the special ‘pull down’ tab (very very top of screen) and check scroll wheel mimics option mouse.
    If your mouse is in the viewport it will rotate camera with scroll, if your over the timeline it will drag the start frame.
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