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Thread: Loop Multiview UI, back in as input (TC1)

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    Loop Multiview UI, back in as input (TC1)

    I want to create several custom tutorials for my students. I do not want to install screen recording software on my TC1. It seems that I *should* be able to split the HDMI signal going to my main UI monitor, connect it to an HDMI to SDI converter (I have one made by Blackmagic), and then connect SDI to one of my four inputs. This doesn't work and I don't know why. Can someone please help?

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    Is it not possible to do an NDI loopback directly from one of the system's mixed outputs to an input? That would eliminate all the external connections.

    (Oh, wait, you want the UI, of course - sorry, bit distracted here. If you have Premium Access membership, you can use the KVM feature's NDI output as a feed to one of your inputs.)
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    You should be able to use a HDMI to SDI converter. Does another HDMI source connected into the converter work? Or do you have an SDI monitor you can connect the output too?

    Make sure the TriCaster interface is running at a 'broadcast' resolution (1920x1080) those BMD converters do typically do not operate with non broadcast resolutions.

    NDI KVM would make this easy if you have Premium Access installed. If you go that route, go into your mouse settings and turn on pointer trails to with the shortest duration so you can see the mouse pointer thru NDI KVM.
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