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Thread: DEM problems

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    DEM problems

    I'm trying to download DEM files to use in WM and Lightwave etc. When I go to I can't seem to find the right files. The files I choose these are 16 bit files...they have really tiny weird white areas...I used levels on them which worked kind of but not really. On the site you're supposed to download Aster Global DEM geotiff but for the life of me I couldn't find where they're supposed to be...

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    I think you ment.. and not

    did you get to the point you could download them? once an area is marked and click on data sets to retreive various height maps.
    Initially you will get all kinds of maps when clicking on datasets, and you have to click through each type to see whatīs in there, but once you have clicked on datasets, you can also filter by searching for "aster" that will narrow things down.


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