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Thread: LW Layout random scatter objects

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    Quote Originally Posted by MonroePoteet View Post
    I don't know if it will suit your needs, but you could use Surface type Instancing on the Ground object. A quick sample scene using just basic geometric primitives in each layer is attached.

    Attachment 146217

    The set up is a little time-consuming with 100 layers but is straightforward.

    Select the Ground object, use the Object Properties=>Instancer tab to add an Instancer. You then need to add all the Layers to the Instancer, but I don't think there's an easy way to add them all at once.
    Weirdly, there is an option to add the Layout Selection to the Instancer... but it's under the 'Edit' menu in the Instancer and it's called 'Add From Layout'.

    This will add any layout selection you've made, straight into the instancer!
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    Ah, yes. In Layout, if you bring up the Instance panel, then get into the Scene Editor and use select & SHIFT-select to select all the Layers, the Instancer=>Edit=>Add From Layout adds them all at once. Yay!

    To modify all instanced object settings, I set one of them up as desired, then use the Edit=>Copy Settings, select all the others and Edit=>Paste Settings.

    For scattered debris, not only might the "debris spew" B&W image placement be used, but adding an Alpha channel on a Gradient=>Slope would prevent debris from being placed on sloping areas, only on flatter areas. Quick sample scene attached.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Instancer_9LayerObject_SurfaceInstancing_WithDebrisSpew_0120.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Instancer_DebrisSpew_WithSlopeAlpha.jpg 
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    If you're working in LW2015, you might want to look into whether Hurley's Advanced Placement plugin would be worthwhile, as it definitely makes these kinds of scenarios quite direct.
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