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Thread: Newtek PTZ camera. pan tilt speed

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    Newtek PTZ camera. pan tilt speed

    Is their a way to set a max PTZ speed in the camera so as to help the operator work more smoothly? We are goin gto be doing a parade live in a month and really need to be super smooth and not jerky.
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    I personally found the Xbox controller through ndi montior the be the easiest to track things when I played with their setup at NAB

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    I like the xbox controller too, but it means using BOTH HANDS to control the camera. You might want to try a joystick and see if you can create a custom configuration for it.

    We just used a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick for an event. We remapped the joystick twist to the pan of the camera and then messed around with limiting the range of the joystick in the logitech app to limit the speed.
    It worked pretty well considering we only spent about 30 minutes playing with it.
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