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Thread: Control Surface Parts for LC11

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    Control Surface Parts for LC11

    Hi There,

    I have a broken LC-11 control plane that I snagged from our middle school and I wanted to re-purpose it for our elementary school. The control arm is busted and does not work. I tried to replace the pot with one I had lying around, but it never worked and in the process of trying to get it to work I managed to basically destroy the RS-8A board that it attaches to.

    I have reached out to several third party newtek dealers to see anyone has the parts as Newtek does not, and so far they have all pretty much ghosted me (always seems to be the same thing "Yeah, email <person> who is our tech guy, he maybe able to help you out" and then <person> more or less just ignores my email).

    So does anyone on here happen to have this part that they no longer need? Or tell me a reliable place that I could potentially buy the part from? This would greatly enhance the program at the elementary school for the kids, but we just don't have the money to buy a new control plane for it.



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