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Thread: Recommended network topology

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    Recommended network topology

    What's the recommended network topology for NDI nowadays? We initially set our network up in a star topology, with our 2 x VMC1 on our core switch, with 20Gb connectivity to each node switch where we would have various other devices plugged in.

    We believe it made sense at the time as almost all traffic was going to the VMC1's on the core switch.

    I'm now wondering whether it's worth stacking our switches in a ring topology instead?
    Michael Valentine
    Global Head of Broadcast Technology @ Gfinity

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    This all depends on the network, a star topology is the norm for 1GbE networks. A ring might be used for WAN type solutions. Is something not working in a star topology?
    Kane Peterson
    Solutions Architect
    NewTek, Inc.


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