TC-1 Tricaster and control panel originally as a bundle from B&H, purchased together for $19,995 without tax (not including ProTek, additional $3,300). We also have 3 white cameras as well if there is interest, Camera model: PTZ Optics PT12X-SDI-WH-G2, they were $4,770 new from AMV Broadcast Sales, plus $435 for extended, 3-year warranty (not NDI).

Panel purchased in March 2019 and original TC1 also purchased in March 2019, however we received a new TC1 shipped to us due to warranty (there was a software error) in June 2019. ProTek coverage for both the TC1 and TC1SP are valid through 3/05/2021.

1) ProTek tricaster TC1: ProTek ID 5883414232 cost $2,205 for the 2-year, Protek care.

TC1 SN NTIP19417674635

2) Small control panel TC1SP ProTek ID 4748488302 cost $1,095 for the 2-year Protek care.

TC1SP SN NTIP37024890970

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