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Thread: Streaming on Standard Edition

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    Streaming on Standard Edition

    We have a TC460 Standard Edition that had to go through a system restore to get it operational again. Now it does not want to connect to YouTube for streaming. I've tried to start FMLE from the desktop to change the encoder settings, but the FMLE program hangs after updating the Audio setting. I realized that Flash is going away so I'm wondering if there is a work-around to regain our streaming option. I'd rather not need an external encoder and I can't convince the management to upgrade to AE. Your guidance is appreciated.

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    After the RESTORE, did you then download and install the LATEST SOFTWARE for TriCaster? If not, the RESTORE version is like 3 years old.


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    Yes, I did update to the latest version.

    I've been able to copy the streaming profile and make changes to it, changing from a multi-bit rate to a single and saving it back under a different profile name. That appears to have corrected the issue.


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