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Thread: Hypervoxel Gas Leak with wind dynamics

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    Quote Originally Posted by thiyaguthree View Post
    - Default natural lighting scene should be there with shadows set up except Global illumination
    You could also simply just turn of Global Illumination and save out that scene as default starting scene, so the next time you will not have GI to start with, but have to turn it on when you need it, another way would be to add your own buttons for turning GI on and off as well, so you do not have to go to more windows/global illumination that is what I would recomment, save out a default scene without GI, and add these buttons under editors for acess all the time in the do that you go to edit menus and search for enable radiosity, that command you can then drag to the right menus under Editors for instance, or create your own group to place it under, and it will always be visible in the UI to click either off, or activate it as highlighted in blue.

    This is a setting and a config I actually think they should ship with the release, to make it easier for newbies.
    Edit...Just recalled, I think they need to add image processing to the editor tab as default in their release as well, itīs just awkward when you have to add bloom glow, or add the old hv legacy system to go to more windows/image processing.

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