Hi everyone -

I've recently been having an issue when exporting using h264 presets. The output file is VERY pixelated (and green in Final Cut). The same preset worked like a charm up until 2 weeks ago, not sure what happened.

Running on a Tricaster Mini using Advanced software Build number 5-1-190425C (updated AFTER this problem started thinking it would fix it)

The source file is fine, and if I export using a quicktime preset that's fine too but the file size is huge. For example, filmed for 60 seconds this morning. exported both h264 & QT.

h264 was 114 MB (but heavily pixelated)

QT was 1.3 GB (video was fine, but also 1.3 GB for 60 seconds)

Has there been an update to the H264 codec that I need? Anyone have any ideas? I've been playing with this for days with no luck.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.