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Thread: TC860 "Autoplay" not working on DDR

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    TC860 "Autoplay" not working on DDR

    Hey all,

    When the autoplay is engaged on the DDR bin, it doesn't autoplay. When I take or auto TO a DDR, it just shows the first frame paused. The problem start after after downloading the last version of the system.
    It is also not possible to rename the buttons in the PRW and PRG line. They are grey on the screen. Please help!

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    I believe your last issue is the need to update gpu drivers from Nvidia saw lots of threads for grey bars in the gui

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    Yes, any time the switcher buttons go blank after an update that is a GPU driver thing, go to and download the proper driver for your display card and install. Make sure you get the Windows 7 64-bit version. In my experience, sometimes TriCaster won't recognize a video driver that is newer than the Newtek software release. The nVidia site should provide several options with dates, so maybe go back a month or two when selecting a driver rather than very latest release. When installing the video driver, do not install the "GeForce Experience" just the basic installation


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