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Thread: Help/advice for creating Tricaster 8000 SE sessions

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    Help/advice for creating Tricaster 8000 SE sessions

    Hi, I'm writing to ask for advice.

    For a few days now a HDD disk of my Tricaster 8000 has been making problems and moreover the session is taking a long time to open and initialize: the screens remain in black for more than a minute, you can only see the mouse

    I bought a 1TB SSD to replace the defective drive. I would like to recreate a new 1080i PAL and set it up like this:

    1. On the SSD disk (D only for the session: files, stills
    2. On the HDD disc (E only for record the program in high quality (Quick Time 4:2:0)
    3. On the HDD disc (F only for record the program in H264 for our customers

    What do you think of this setting? Do you have a suggestion for solving the slowness of the session opening? I cloned the session, I deleted all the files and unfortunately it still takes a long time to open,

    Thank you

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    Have you simply tried creating a NEW session? If the original has corruption, when you clone it the problems (if any) will come with since it is the same Session again.

    I have no personal experience with changing system drives in TC, but in general you can connect the new drive and use the CREATE USER BACKUP option from RESTORE menu to clone the system drive to new drive before replacement.


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