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Thread: THE Ernie Wright? : NASA releases 3d map of Moon

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    Talking THE Ernie Wright? : NASA releases 3d map of Moon

    Hey Lightwavers:

    could this be THE Ernie Wright of early Lightwave fame? Also, an interesting resource:

    EDIT: here's a more direct link to the goodies:
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    Cool. BTW, love the weblink app in the links.

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    yes it is, grabbed this a couple weeks back. very cool. he does some great visualization for nasa

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    Hey, Awesome!    

    and thanks for this info!

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  5. #5 i guess these would use cylindrical or spherical projection mapping in LightWave ?

    (i don't think these are mercator projections, i could be wrong tho)
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    mercator is a method of distortion correction going from spherical to planner not the other way round, you'r stuck with spherical

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    Yes, it's THE Ernie Wright. We've ran across each other at a few Siggraphs in the past years.


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