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Thread: Tricaster 860AE2 audio dropping on line in

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    Angry Tricaster 860AE2 audio dropping on line in

    I have starting having an issue on my last two productions. I have a soundboard hat all my announcer mics and such come into then I take the output and bring that in on channel 7 of tricaster and set to line in. I have been using this same setting for years. Last two games, the audio only on channel 7 keeps dropping. Sometimes a couple times every minute. Other times it’s every couple minutes, then I can go an hour with no drops and then it starts again. The best way I can describe it is when you over modulate an audio feed in a digital environment and then your board or what ever will clip and knock the audio out for a second or two. It is not clipping.

    Any ideas?

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    noise gate going on and off? I made a default template that turned them all of and use that when I need to create a new show.

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