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Thread: Darlek UVs

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    Darlek UVs

    Hi, I need some advice about UV mapping. I've created a Darlek and it has 35 layers each with its own UV maps. So I've broken the Darlek down into basic shapes to model, then sent them to RizomUV to be unwrapped using ODTools. In some cases RizomUV showed a "Typography error" So I would go back and fix the issue. Each UV map as had to be manual cut and unwrapped, Rizom did a ok job on most of the objects individually. But unwrapping the darlek as a whole created a mess and errors.

    My Question is this - How do I merge all these UV Maps into one? I would like to get the Darlek into Substance Painter. Then back to Lightwave.

    Software I've got is LW 2018, ODTool 2018, RizomUV 2018, Painter 2018

    Thank you for your time.Click image for larger version. 

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    Lightwave 2018.6, LWCAD 2018, ODTools 2018, RizomUV 2018, Substance Painter, SynthEyes, Fusion 9 Studio
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    you don't have to merge your UV objects into one. You can import multiple objects into Substance painter as a single file and each object will have its own UV map and each surface will have its own surface layer in Substance Painter. Since Modeler doesn't really know what an object is, my guess would be that you would have to export your objects from Layout as a single OBJ or FBX.

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    Ok. I'll give that a go. Never had to deal with multiple UVs till now. Thanks.

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    @Markc thanks for the correction. Just got to rename all my files. LOL.

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    @hrgiger thanks. It worked, would have never guessed the fbx export options were different in the two apps. Thanks again.

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    No problem. Good luck.


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