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Thread: NDI Tools 3.8 and 4.0 Scan converter not working in 460 AE3

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    NDI Tools 3.8 and 4.0 Scan converter not working in 460 AE3

    Hi there,
    The Scan converter from NDI Tools 3.8 and 4.0 are not working in the following configuration:
    TC460 with AE3 latest build.
    Anybody with this configuration have the same issue?

    Scan Converter work fine with older NDI Tools version.
    I would like to use some features of latest NDI build.

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    Can you give a bit more detail as to what doesn't work? (Did it work before? Does it appear the list of sources? It does appear but when you select it it is black? Something else?)

    Does NDI Studio Monitor receive the signal when installed on the TC460? Do you have another system on the network to see if it can receive the sources over the network?
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    I always hate to piggyback onto an existing post but I'm experiencing the same issue after updating out TC460. If I connect to a computer running NDI Tools 4 Scan converter and view the desktop, I only get black. If on the same machine I run the NDI test pattern, I can see that and also the audio. We have other machines on the network that send NDI and I can see their video.

    I just updated the tricaster yesterday and updated the NDI tools 4 today on both the tricaster and the offending computer.

    On a related note that might require a different post, This same tricaster does not send a good NDI signal out to our other tricaster. Right off hand I don't know if they are running the same version or not, I'll have to check. We typically pick up the NDI from this machine on the studio machine and air it from the studio. I tried it yesterday and the video was jerking and the audio was cutting out even worse. It also sounded bad on a remote computer using Studio Monitor.

    It seems to all stem from the latest update.


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