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Thread: Scan converter/studio monitor 4 will not display secondary output from laptop

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    Scan converter/studio monitor 4 will not display secondary output from laptop

    My goal is to be able to have a graphics machine running powerpoint in presenter view, with the main powerpoint output sending via ndi (in [email protected]) into another computer running resolume (which can take in ndi sources natively).
    Currently I am testing this on a Lenovo laptop connected to a 4k monitor or a 4k headless adapter to create the secondary 4k display.
    At first, studio monitor was only receiving black. As per a forum recommendation, I set the newtek apps to run on the embedded intel graphics instead of the nvidia 106 0gpu. I was able to pass video at this point, but only the laptop monitor feed. No matter what I tried, the secondary desktop would not show up in the list to view in Studio Monitor.
    I did all of this locally on one laptop so as to rule out networking issues, though I did check and the main laptop screen did pass to other computers fine.

    Does anyone know how to make this work? If I could send 4k graphics via NDI it would be an amazing option to have on show site.


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    As I understand, NDI Scan Converter is a GPGPU application. It will see the outputs of the graphics card that is running on because the code executes inside the GPU itself. Is the secondary output on a different GPU than the main laptop display? If that is the case, it will not be able to see it because it is on a different chip.
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