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Thread: No video on Input3 (TC mini HDMI)

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    No video on Input3 (TC mini HDMI)

    Okay so the title says it really, I have lost video on input 3 of my HDMI mini.
    I had a PC output connected to it last I remember but I now get nothing from my PTZ1 cameras.

    Is there anything I can check/restart or re-install to jump start this or is the input borked?

    It's a TC mini HDMI with latest updates and AE2.

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    About all you can try is a factory restore. Might fix it, might not.

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    Have you tried a known working input....a camera works all 3 other inputs but the same camera/cable does NOT work on 3.?? Be sure you're looking at the input windows in the tricaster and not the program or preview window...there's a lot of things that can affect output of those windows...DSK's, etc.

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    Does work in a new session?

    What about a loop-back test. Plug the Mini's HDMI output into the #3 input and see if you get an image.
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