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Thread: Skype for Business Support

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    Skype for Business Support

    I'd like to see integration with Skype for Business as Newtek products become more prevalent in corporate settings. I know Skype TX only works with consumer Skype, but could Newtek work with Microsoft or a third party to develop a software (for TriCaster and/or Talkshow) or hardware solution?

    Having SfB native integration would allow for easier control during production and keep us from having to implement additional hardware. It would also be a big selling point as I'm looking to deploy event production packages utilizing TriCasters in our larger offices in NA, EU & AP.


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    With our new affiliation with Viz, we're transitioning to MS Teams, which basically has SfB embedded in it. Native NDI i/o would be an interesting notion, although you could pretty much jury rig it now using NDI Tools.
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