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Thread: Scan Converter Not Working

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    Scan Converter Not Working

    well it 1/2 works. It will send the webcam video and audio wich is a elgato camlink 4K, but it will not send the desktop? it shows up but is just blank. really strange, im thinking it has something to do with the intel/nvidia gpu settings. This is a laptop , I have changed settings so it should be mostly useing the nvidia gpu in the Nvidia control panel. win 10 1903 scan converter works fine on all my other computers, Version 4 NDI tools.

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    If the laptop has dual CPU, you mostly likely need to set it to use the Intel (integrated) graphics. The nVidia GPU still routes everything thru the Intel GPU. On my MSI laptop with both nVidia and Intel, this is exactly what I need to do. I have nVidia set as default for everything, but in the nVidia control panel, I have manaully set NDI Scan Converter to use the integrated graphics.
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