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Thread: Panasonic PTZ software warning in TriCaster

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    Panasonic PTZ software warning in TriCaster

    I get the typical warning in TriCaster that I have 'Network Camera View 4S' software installed on my TCXD460. To my knowledge, I need this software installed in order to properly configure my Panasonic PTZ via the web interface.

    Can anyone shed light on why this software is not 'white-listed'? Do I really need it installed?


    AE2 - version 190411
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    You do not need anything extra installed on the TriCaster to control a Panasonic PTZ camera. You can uninstall this. From what I recall, Panasonic installs an ActiveX control to display video in the web browser, I wonder if that is what the warning message is about?
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