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Thread: Firefox Default Browser

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    Firefox Default Browser

    I followed the instructions here:

    to update my default browser to Firefox. Now, when in Live Production mode, the following actions open Firefox (as expected):
    - Help -> Visit NewTek Store
    - Gear icon next to PTZ camera inputs (to show web configuration panel for PTZ)

    But, when I do 'Stream -> Web Browser', that still opens up in Internet Explorer.

    Is that expected behavior?

    TriCaster TCXD460
    AE2 - version: 190411


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    Some part of the TriCaster UI will directly call for Internet Explorer because they are using components of it.
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    Is this a concern considering the current (1/21/20) Internet Explorer security advisory? Can IE be uninstalled?

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    I think the Rev 7-1 (AE3) has remove some of the last dependencies on IE11. If you have FireFox installed, it will be used pretty much everywhere that I'm aware of.

    IE11 can't be installed. Overall, I wouldn't expect this to be an issue, as long as you keep the browsing limited to logging into the CDN and not use it for general browsing of the web (which you shouldn't be doing that on the TriCaster regardless).
    Kane Peterson
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    The TC410+ AE3 seems to have Windows 10, therefore, would I be correct in assuming that Firefox need not be installed?


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