I'm having an issue with replacing FBX animation with Interchange. I'm using characters from iClone into Lightwave 2019.1.2. I use Octane so I want to import a character from IClone, set the textures to Octane, then just update swap out the animations and not change surfaces for Octane every time.

- I exported out of Iclone 7 two characters, one that walks straight ahead and the other walks then turns
- Imported the character walking using Interchange and that works great.
- Tried importing the same character with the differnt turning animation using Interchange that walks then turns but it's not working, I just get the turning animation's bones that doesn't effect the existing character like in the attached image.
- I've tried changing the Transfer Mode to "Replace Animation"
- I've also tried on the File Read Settings to uncheck all but "Include Animation"
Click image for larger version. 

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Any tips on how to get this to work?