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Thread: instancer crashing repeatedly

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    instancer crashing repeatedly

    I've begun a project using Instancer rectangular arrays, but now Layout is constantly crashing whenever I try to use the Instancer to make new arrays-- even when clearing the scene, quitting, and starting from scratch.

    Specifially, I am trying to animate 2 channels: x spacing (which works as intended-- click the E button and it opens the Graph Editor with a keyframe already marked); and Offset X (uniform)-- which is no longer working at all. Clicking the E button for X Offset opens the Graph Editor but will not place a keyframe-- or else it simply crashes Layout.

    I've tried this with simple test objects, so it's not my objects per se.

    I had successfully made some scenes as intended, which subsequently had their Offset X channels removed!

    I don't know how to proceed, as my animation is based on using this technique.
    Can anyone please recommend a way to "purge" this weird bug? (Should do a full reinstall?)

    Many thanks

    LW 2019.1 Mac64 on Mac Pro 10.13
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    I was just able to animate both values successfully. Are you using Lightwave 2019.1.3? If not try downloading the latest version.

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    Yes, thank you-- I reinstalled I used the latest version, and the Instancer is working OK now.
    But this has happened before-- at some point i expect the bug to rear its ugly head again.


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