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Thread: video playback stalls during an event

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    Unhappy video playback stalls during an event

    I recently experienced a problem with video playback during an event. I've done the same event for 6 years, using the same videos, with no problem until now. 2 of my 4 videos stalled during playback for about 5-10 seconds then resumed playback. Needless to say my client was not happy.

    2 of the videos were .mov and 2 were mp4. One of each format stalled and the other 2 played fine.

    I contacted NewTek and didn't get much help. Their solution was to update and create a new session. I told them that the session was not the problem since I can't recreate the issue after the fact. The videos all play fine in my studio.

    I asked if playing and recording from the same drive could cause the problem, and/or if fluctuations in the AC voltage could've caused the problem. The building is very old (circa 1920's) .The only thing they could tell me was that it might. I don't think they had any clue what caused the problem.

    Has anyone experienced the same thing, or have any ideas ?

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    Anything is possible but I highly doubt its a power issue. We provide the Import Media feature which takes highly compressed MP4s and writes them into our codec so that we can ensure realtime performance.
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    You also don't say what system you are using and if you have the most updated software.
    I've found that 95% of the time if I'm having some sort of performance issue, it's usually due to something that I am doing.
    On our T40 v1, I cannot be transferring files during a live session. With the 460 AE2 and TC1 AE3 if I'm trying to do too much management
    of online items and/or social media that will cause issues, having a lot of system USB things happening, nightmare.

    Are you using the same system that you were using 6 years ago? That in itself could be an issue as equipment gets old.
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    Just to expand on Zane's comment, the recommended workflow for DDR clips is to ALWAYS use the IMPORT MEDIA feature. Do not just "copy" video files into the TriCaster. By using the Import Media utility, that will TRANSCODE any video clips that could be a problem, therefore your DDR clips will be in the correct Newtek .mov format ready to play smoothly and reliably, and also get placed into the proper folder tied to current Session for easy finding.


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