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Thread: William Vaughan will be releasing Volume 2 of the Topology Workbook !

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    William Vaughan will be releasing Volume 2 of the Topology Workbook !

    Now it is common knowledge that William now uses M**o, but no question of pushing a rival product, since many a LW "solution" in this scenario is to go crying off to Poser anyway. So if one is going to bite the bullet and get into this subject, now might be the time....from a LW legend. For box modelling and topology, this should be applicable to Lightwave.

    I have no idea if this will be a PDF or a printed version, but here are reviews for Vol 1 of the book. A digital version direct will be good to buy because he has a great habit of constantly adding demonstration videos to the buyer account.

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    For the first book, he offered a lot of extras through his store, including some scripts for M**o. However, the core book is good for any software.
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    William introduced us to Modo 201 at the DAVE school. He is passionate about modeling and liked the direction that Modo was headed, with frequent updates to improve the workflow. His first book, (a must-read) is designed to be general in nature, listing many of the timeless lessons he taught us regarding how to succeed in the industry, regardless of what software is used. I'm sure his latest book will have a lot of applicable lessons for Lightwave users as well.


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    Topoology Workbook Volume I is also available on Amazon (I recommend purchasing via as is William's [digital] Modeling title from Peachpit Books (which has a Kindle version). Any of them are great resources regardless of your 3D software toolset.
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    We always use "" Chuck. It's a great way to give a little something to benefit those in need. Thanks for bringing it up.
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