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Thread: Transferring weights from one mesh to another

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    thatd take forever if you have many maps..hehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by lwanmtr View Post
    thatd take forever if you have many maps..hehe
    LOL! yeah. Like I said, I hardly have to transfer weights, so I can live with it.

    Thats not to say that some native tools wouldn't be appreciated.

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    IMO, if you do a lot of character work, any vmap transfer plugin is well worth investing in. Where it especially comes in handy is when you're working with fur and hair. I use it to transfer UV, weight, and morph maps from a character mesh to fiber guides created in 3rd party programs. It's also good for getting clothes weighted the same way as the character's limbs.

    I used DrainBGVmap back in LW 11 days. It works well but the number of fibers it can handle is very limited. The cats in my Brudders music video teaser pretty much hit the limit at the time. If you still use x32 LightWave, you can download this plugin from Mike Green's website.

    Later I switched to the original Weighter and then Weighter 2 but I've had problems getting Weighter 2 to work in Win 10. It might have just been my computer though...Weighter 2 really is supposed to work with Windows 10. I've gotten two new computers since the last time I tried Weighter 2, so I really should try it again.

    OD Tools TransferMaps worked great in a test I ran a while back. I haven't used it on a major character setup yet but it should work.

    Both Weighter 2 and TransferMaps are x64 bit btw, which makes a big difference for animal fur.

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