As some of you know, I've been a long time fan of iPi Mocap Studio for getting mocap data into LightWave. I've used this system to create vfx for a couple of feature films as well as animation for personal short film projects. I currently use the system with multiple Kinect 2 sensors, which works quite well for me but I'm always looking for something better.

Anyway, I just learned a few details about iPi Soft's support for multiple Azure Kinect sensors. From iPi Soft's forums:

...4 Azure Kinects will be supported with Pro edition, same as other depth sensors. We've successfully tested 3x Azure Kinects with a single gaming laptop. There still may be issues with USB extension cables or USB controllers.

In Wide FOV mode, a person can stand at 1-3m distance from Azure Kinect. That means a room of 3x3m is suitable to capture with 4x Azure Kinects if you place them in corners. Capture area will be about 2x2m.
I think this feature is still considered 'experimental' but it does sound promising. What I love about the description is how small a space you can use it in. With my current multi-Kinect 2 setup, I can record mocap in my small-ish living room but when I'm recording for 360 degree coverage, it does get a little cramped. Azure Kinect's extra wide FOV appears to make much better use of available floor space.

Even though I'm not planning to retire my multiple Kinect 2 sensors yet, I'm keeping an eye on this development. Will post more info as I get it.

Here's the link to the thread at the iPi Soft forum:

And here's more info about the new Azure Kinect sensor:

I wonder if Nevron Motion will be updated to support Azure Kinect?