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Thread: Denis Pontonnier- RMan Collection-updates

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    Denis Pontonnier- RMan Collection-updates

    Denis has been very active and supportive with updates to the new Renderman Collection.

    I notified him on that the Rman collection didnīt have falloff options for textures like Gardner clouds etc, and there was also an issue of not being able to move or scale the texture when you have
    a reference null and also set it to world coordinates..within the falloff settings, native standard textures has all of that working.

    The falloff option was/is important for adjusting the effect of lower bottom parts of a cloud texture, among other things.

    Denis just jumped in with short notice and updated the Rman collection, see the dates for the updates and the lw versions, 2018 versions is what you want..should work with 2019.1.1 at least.
    Check his site.

    And not only supporting fixing these issues, he has lately also added more types of textures.

    I would like to direct a very much thank you for his speedy work, and check the textures here...

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    And please everybody - throw him a bone.
    Tim Parsons
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    Sauder Woodworking Co.

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    Veddy nice!
    Gary Chike


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