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Thread: LightWave Importer for Unity

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    cool, thanks chris

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    Thank you! Looking forward to trying the new build!

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    Hey Hey, I am getting an error on the model now...I uupdated the LW Importer complete and I get this error.

    Assets/camerabooth/objects/camerabooth2.lwo "needs importing using the latest LWO Importer."

    VirtualEscapes.Common.Importers.LWS.LWScene:valida teAndBuildPrefabs(List`1, Dictionary`2) (at Assets/Lightwave Importer/LWS Importer/Editor/LWScene.cs:226)
    VirtualEscapes.Common.Importers.LWS.LWScene:OnInsp ectorGUI() (at Assets/Lightwave Importer/LWS Importer/Editor/LWScene.cs:156)
    UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

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    Quote Originally Posted by GraphXs View Post
    "needs importing using the latest LWO Importer."
    Hi, yeah that's more of a warning than an error - hopefully it's not too serious and just means you need to reimport it all. One problem that LightWave Importer has is that it can't control the order that things are imported into Unity. So if the object file gets imported after the scene file then I think this warning will appear.
    Can you try the following:
    - Clear the Console log window
    - r-click on the camerabooth2.lwo in Unity and select reimport.
    - r-click on the scene file and reimport
    - Select the scene file and press the Create Scene button in the editor inspector.
    The warning should not re-appear in the console. Please let me know how you get on.
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