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Sorry Chris,

Yeah, When an object is imported and then added to the scene, you will see that there is a script (which derives from a dll)
that's applies a transform and has something else regarding morphs or anim.
Right, got it. That would be the LWO Hierarchy component. It's not really possible to disable it as it's never actually enabled! By that, I mean that it doesn't execute at runtime because it doesn't contain any Start() or Update() methods, so Unity doesn't give you the ability to disable the component - it's simply used to store data regarding the hierarchy and any morph maps - extra data that the LWS Importer needs so that the same hierarchy can be rebuilt correctly when the scene is built.

Removing it from the imported object would mean that the LWS Importer won't be able to recreate the scene. This data needs to be stored somewhere and storing it on the imported Gameobject seemed as good a place as any. Because it's not executed at runtime, it shouldn't have any negative performance side-effects - it's there as a data container and nothing more.

By 'disable', do you really mean you want it removed? It may be possible to remove it after the scene has been built. Or it might be possible for me to look into alternative solutions. But I'd like to understand your needs as it's not a small job... and as I say, according to the the Unity docs, it shouldn't have a performance impact and it's memory footprint is negligible.