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Thread: HDRI Exposure Control ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott.newman.ct View Post
    Thanks for taking the time to do the tests RPSchmidt.

    I notice your HDRI envirnoment got flipped somehow, so the render wont show quite the same results, but its still helpful to note the huge difference between "Raytrace+Backdrop" vs "Raytrace Only".

    For me, rendering with Glossy Reflections OFF is a realism killer for close up, hero objects. But it is very useful for getting rid of noise and bringing down anti aliasing times on smaller areas or simple objects that will stay further back from the camera.

    I was quite impressed with how well the despike filter actually worked in the end.

    Hopefully somebody from Newtek can get back to us at some point about what Asticles has pointed out about the ISBG sampling not working correctly.

    May I suggest ....You both should send in a report for a fix ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianr View Post
    May I suggest ....You both should send in a report for a fix ?
    Dropped support a mail and got this response
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-09-13 at 17.10.19.png 
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    So it seems they are aware of it and its in the pipeline

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    English is not my native language so please be patient.

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    I can definitely understand that for your work, you need glossy reflections. They do bring out roughness detail and other surface details you might not otherwise see.

    I mainly prefer them off because of the unexpected results I get under different lighting / HDRI situations and their habit of introducing noise.

    Oh, on the HDRI being flipped, it's because of my habit of putting -1 in the width (I had mentioned that earlier). It's one of those habits that's become so ingrained I just do it automatically.

    Great news that they have something in the works to do deal with this. There has long been a need for an exposure control for images, especially HDRIs. As you mentioned earlier, gamma for correction works, but it's definitely harsher and less elegant than exposure control.

    I will have to try the despike option myself. I haven't many issues with noise in a while, but it's nice to know another method of dealing with it.

    Best of luck, Scott and hope I didn't derail you too much with suggestions!

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    Thanks again RPSchmidt! And to everyone else who took part in the chat. This forum is always so helpful!

    Cape Town, South Africa

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