This had me going for the past couple hours. Probably not used that often but wondering if anyone else has seen this or might know of a work around. I'm guessing it's some evaluation order conflict.

I'm using Nodal Motion to get Rubber Ducky to bob in the water. The cryptic node preset structure is available in the Content

\Common Nodes\RayCast-ConvertHitNormalToHPB.nodes

but minimal (as in none) docs, but I did get it to work.

Click image for larger version. 

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RD is parented to a null. With Nodal Motion enabled, you position the object itself (not the null) for X-Z only as Y is handle nodally. You then control rotations using the Null back at the Origin. Lot of time wasted figuring that out.

Why I didn't see the problem before with a simpler test scene I'm not sure; simpler & only two key frames I suppose.

What's happening is: with the object that Nodal Motion is applied to Selected (RubberDucky in this case), the Hot Keys for changing view (perspective, Camera, Top, etc) no longer have effect. If you are looking through the cam, select the object then hit "4" to switch to Perspective, the current view shows your in Perspective but your still seeing through the Camera. Nor will any view mode Center on the object.

Not until you select anything else w/o that applied do those work again. A bit disconcerting at first.

As such, you can't really do any animation to that objects path. You sort of can with the Graph Editor but it's just guessing as you've no real time feed back even in wire until it updates. You can't just disable Nodal Motion either.

So, wondering if there might be some way to work with this? I suppose just bake out to keys, but that kinda defeats the purpose.

If anyone is interested in playing around with this I can post a stripped down version of the scene.