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Thread: Lightwave 2019 Plugins List

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    Lightwave 2019 Plugins List

    The LightWave plugin database doesn't get much (any?) maintenance so it is difficult to keep up with plugin revisions for the latest LW release. It was last updated in November 2018.

    Just as we didn't have any better way to do it for 2018, this is a place to note plugins updated for 2019.

    D-Storm has updated these for 2019:

    And, of course, these have already been announced here in the forums...

    What other plugins can we update for 2019?
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    Cycles for Lightwave is heavily in dev, soon to be list too and you just wait and see

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    Quote Originally Posted by mummyman View Post
    Chilton is supposed to keep adding more cameras to UberCam:
    This is in progress. Right now he's working on making in LWSN save and proceeding immediately after with stereoscopic code for the cameras that require that option in the way we have done in the past with UberCam 2.6 for LW version prior to 2018 (9.x - 2015.3). This is being done on a user demand priority basis as UberCam3 is a COMPLETE re-write. Thankfully because of this, each new camera, providing Chilton is able to focus on it, takes a few days to a week to produce now that all the main ground work is seemingly out of the way. This will be a very different approach to UberCam development which is certainly going to be welcomed by our users. Every new camera or appropriate code goal that is reached will warrant an update and publishing to the site. We are working on making updating an easier thing than it was in the past as well.
    Our goal is to get all of the modern "in common use" specialty cameras and their stereoscopic versions out as soon as possible before going down the rest of the legacy list of cameras. Some of them will be going away while other, totally new cameras will be joining the family.
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