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Thread: Matereal Nodes in Modeler???

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    Question Matereal Nodes in Modeler???

    OK, been having an issue with the Material nodes in Modeler. Am using LW 2018. May get 2019, if this prob is fixed in it. Would love to see this fixed.

    The nodes don't display correctly in modeler. My workaround to this has been to open Layout, have my model in layout as well, and view it with the VPR viewer. Waiting for it to update is slow however.

    These things should just work. O.o

    I make a 1 m box in modeler. I add any one of the many Materials to it that has a color input, such as Standard, Principled BSDF, or even Dielectric. In the node editor, I open a Color constant node, and attach it to the color input to any of the Material nodes I am using. The Material node is of course attached to the Surface node. And Updates are set to Auto.

    Whatever color I set to the Color constant node attached to the Material node, does not show in modeler. In fact, anything I attach to the color input of a Material node has no effect in Modeler. I can change the color of the Material node directly with no node attached to its input, and it will show its change in modeler. But if I reattach a different color back onto the Material node's input, makes no change to the Material's color output other than what the Material node already has set in it, as far as what can be seen in Modeler.

    At first I thought it was just not working, but any changes I make to the Material's input, such as having an attached color constant node, does show that change in the VPR render in layout. So it does work, it just doesn't show it in Modeler.

    So, I ask, has this been addressed in LW 2019 yet? Or is it something to be fixed for in LW 2020 perhaps?

    As I said, this sort of thing should just work out of the box, but doesn't.

    Will this Material node color input issue in Modeler be addressed some day, if not already? I would very much like to know before I think of ever getting a newer version of LW. O.o

    LightWave to me is very good. But it has some unusual issues that can make it very frustrating to use some times.

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    This is just one of many "nuances" to LW. What for CPU are you running as VPR is very snappy for me. (On heavy scenes there is a plugin called ef Item Focus that will hide every object not selected so you can concentrate VPR on the selected items.)
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