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Thread: Realflow with LW.. HELP!

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    Realflow with LW.. HELP!

    I am a new user on Realflow 2015 and eventually got the scene i want, looking like I want in realflow with hybrido, splashes etc....
    But.... it turns out my problems have just begun...
    I simply CANNOT get my hybrido mesh imported into Lightwave it is also taking up a HUGE amount of diskspace (over 800gb for a 1000 frame scene!)
    Ive done all this from tutorials i found, unfortunately there is none out there (that i could find) involving lightwave. It seems that there is zero animation in the imported files in Lightwave even though I have marked animation in the export from RF
    Im using Lightwave 11.6 with Nextlimit manager and realflow 2015
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    Sounds like you have a Real Flow problem more than a Lightwave problem, but it's hard to tell from here. When you run you situational, are you seeing your particle files in the Particles folder? Did you create your geometry? Are your geometry files in the Mesh folder? Are they the right kind of geometry files. I seem to remember that Real Flow defaults to the *.abc Mesh format while Lightwave needs *.bin.

    Do you have the Connect software installed?

    Have you tried the Real Flow forum?

    Good Luck,
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    Try optimizing your mesh for camera. Also how dense are the polygons?

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