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Thread: Studio Monitor not showing output

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    Studio Monitor not showing output

    Hi there

    I'm running a TriCaster TC1 and having some issues obtaining video and audio within NDI Studio Monitor. I have tried this both over the network AND with a laptop running Studio Monitor hard wired via ethernet directly into the back of the TC1. In both scenarios I can see the output options via the hamburger menu (TC1-36******) with Mix 1 and other available inputs on offer. But there is no video or audio feed coming through.

    This video shows the problem in action when hard-wired via ethernet between the TC1 and a laptop -

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to why this is occurring? The system was working fine the last time it was used. This has come out of nowhere.

    Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated.



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    Hi Ed,

    Make sure none of the computers (TC1 incl.) have the network set to PUBLIC, which will often cause an NDI source to show as available yet not pass video, that is always the first thing I look at and is often the solution when moving and reconnecting gear. Set to WORK or PRIVATE, hope that does it for you.


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