We are thinking about getting the 4000 model to use with our video programs.

We currently use both the 460 and a mini. What I have seen on the user guide that it has SDI video ports. We have cameras that connect to the 460 which are component with the Red, Blue and Green. I do not see where that can be used with the TalkShow system. What I would like to know ishow can I get the cameras to work with the 4000 system.

I know I can take the show and bring it into the 460 via NDI. It is just the problems of getting the cameras set up. Also do I need to have the cameras connected to the 4000 or can I use the camera feeds from the 460 to do the Skype calls.

There will be times where we would like to have 3 - 4 callers on a the same time. With the 460 we can use comps to show all 4 callers at the same time.

Plus from what I have read, many users had a lot of problems in getting it setup and running.

We do not want to put that much money out if it will not do what we need.

Any suggestion would be grateful.