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Thread: Tricaster replay

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    Tricaster replay

    Hi! Can somebody explain how u make a replay in Tricaster with 4 cameras, after all cameras all in DDR, how u play automatic all those clips, and after the 4 clip to go back to preview? There is a macro for this?

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    By default the show on replay will just play the highlighted clip but you can totally do what you want with a macro. You would want to do a chop on all inputs, maybe put a fade transition between each clip (Alt+F or could be any transition you like) then set the DDR to auto play without single or loop enabled. it will play out all clips then go back to your preview. Note that if you have audio coming in on the ISO records and you play the clip at 100% the sound will come along for the right. I tend to just use DDR2 for replay and mute it to be safe in the sound mixer.

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    Just as a little preview:

    In the upcoming version (internally, 7-1), you have two replay action options available at any time. With one click you can a) immediately perform an instant replay using the assigned DDR's 'Show On ()' function, or b) set up a deferred replay, then trigger the 'Show On ()' to display it a bit later using CTRL + AUTO buttons on a supporting CS (or CTRL+Spacebar on a keyboard).
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