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Thread: Tricaster Mini hd-4 issues

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    Tricaster Mini hd-4 issues


    We have been using the tricaster mini for about a year at the high school I teach at for live streaming sporting events. Tonight is our first football game and I set the system up to make sure all is well and it wouldn't boot. It would try to boot to windows and then blue screen. I started the restore process and it started out running over 3Gb per minute transfer rate until it reached around 8% and has since dropped to 31Mb per minute and is showing over 13 hours to complete. I have to assume that this is copying from one partition to another, but i'm not sure. Is this time and transfer rate correct? If so, it looks like we will be missing our first production. Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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    I have had to to do a few restores before but on a TC1, That has an SSD for the c:\. Not sure about the Minis but that seems a bit slow.

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    This shouldn't be close to anything like that. Probably about 20 minutes to perform a restore on the Mini. Contact NewTek support.
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